3 Reasons why you should ditch AWS and go DO for your hosting provider

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With hidden features, fees, and additional training required, most developers will spend time learning about servers instead of spending money on their services. Did you know these three things about AWS?

AWS charges you for DNS zones?

AWS is the only platform with the ability to calm you owe them money for using networking on their VPS. When compared to the Digital Ocean, a cost of $.50 per month per activated zone is expensive. Digital Ocean provides this free with a Networking tab built directly into their dashboard.

AWS charges for non-attached Elastic IP addresses?

AWS is the only platform with the option to claim non-elastic IP addresses allocated to your account to be worthy of a cost. The estimated cost of $0.002-$0.80 a day based on your hourly rate of each elastic IP address being associated with your account but not in use. When compared to Digital Ocean, Static IP addresses are free of charge and this is considered an expensive life choice made by AWS for its developers.

AWS t2.micro instance is almost 3x the cost of an Elastic IP address per hour?

AWS is the only platform willing to charge you for their minimum-sized instance almost 3x times the cost of an elastic IP address per hour. When compared to the Digital Ocean, a minimum-size instance is a total cost of $5 per month this is not per the hours used in a day.

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Screen Capture of Digital Ocean’s new offering Apps

Without comparing the cores, or memory you can already tell, AWS at the end of the month is more costly. However, let's do some basic math estimates. Feel free to try both AWS or DO.

$3.75 w/non attached IP + $8.7 minimum instance = ~$12.45 per month

AWS is getting hosting wrong because they hide behind charging for non-usage rates for reliable services a developer needs in order to serve clients. Without a developer-first approach, they are doomed to get developers to adopt the service in the first place.

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