Configuring VIM within your terminal on MacOSx

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As a designer you may stay away from the terminal however, it can be very useful with the powerful program VIM. If you have already heard of this text editor then you know why it’s a go-to resource for developers. Every developer has their favorite text editor. Some may choose to use VScode or Sublime Text instead of VIM. Let’s get started with installing and setting up vim for the first time.

How to Install VIM for the first time

Navigation to or download the source from GitHub the text-editor.

git clone
cd vim/src
sudo make install

What is a .vimrc file


You may already have Tidy on your computer! Many operating systems ship with the tidy command pre-installed.

Chances are good, though, that what you have is so outdated that it doesn’t even recognize HTML5. Install the latest using these commands.

How to install via macOS and Linux below.

Run the HomeBrew macOS command in the terminal.

brew install tidy-html5

Run the Linux command in the terminal.

sudo apt install tidy

If you do not want to see any errors that your HTML has, you can simply use --show-errors 0 to stop showing the errors within your HTML markup.

Here is an example of how errors show up by…

Learn how to use the AWS CLI to spin up AWS instances in no time

Multicolored keyboard
Multicolored keyboard
Photo by Aryan Dhiman on Unsplash

What Is the AWS CLI?

A command-line tool built by the open-source community developers for AWS. Like many other tools, this is one of the easiest installs and has very little clutter. You will be up and running really quickly. You may find yourself looking for a guide on commonly used AWS CLI commands.

Installing can be done via curl in your own terminal. Make sure to only use secure links from when installing their package.

curl "" -o "" && unzip && sudo ./aws/install

You will now see this in your terminal after typing aws inside a brand new fresh bash terminal…

Google Chrome Inspector Developer Tool connected to VPN

As a developer you may thinking about how to keep your dev machine (the mac, windows or linux computer with all your code) as secure as possible. Well let’s review NordVPN from a developers perspective.

For only $99 a year, you can get a security utility aimed to keep your data safe from unwanted watching eyes. After, reading a few articles and seeing multiple advertisements about the importance of a VPN. I had purchased, tested and confirmed with my own eyes what NordVPN does ~But from a from a developers perspective it may not be what you originally expected. …

Writing bash scripts to automate user account management

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

“I’ve locked myself out of my VM — I can’t access it!”

It can happen. It happens to every developer at least once in their lifetime.

Let’s find a way to avoid having to start setting up all over again, or purging your entire virtual machine because you’ve been locked out.

It’s common when working with Virtualization there will be a need to manage users and accounts manually but this is not very efficient. Let's write a bash script that can handle authentication for a new User.

We begin by initializing the script as a file that can be accessed…

Using Terminal to Check Macbook Pro Fan Speed and To Find Macbook Pro Temperature?

stock photography visualization/representation of macOS (Big Sur)

With the launch of Mac OS Big Sur, most Developers, Users, and Customers are looking towards upgrading their Intel-based machines to the latest…

However, you may be curious to know how the temperatures, fan control ad power consumption may or may not have changed based on installing new software on now older hardware. “Did Apple’s Development teams take into consideration power consumption running macOS Big Sur (a 12GB update) from older Intel-based Macbooks?” Well, Here is what we found out about power consumption in MacOS X.

Thermals, Spinning Fans, and Heat 🥵

Power Metrics is an only-mac OS X Command-line…

With hidden features, fees, and additional training required, most developers will spend time learning about servers instead of spending money on their services. Did you know these three things about AWS?

AWS charges you for DNS zones?

AWS is the only platform with the ability to calm you owe them money for using networking on their VPS. When compared to the Digital Ocean, a cost of $.50 per month per activated zone is expensive. Digital Ocean provides this free with a Networking tab built directly into their dashboard.

AWS charges for non-attached Elastic IP addresses?

AWS is the only platform with the option to claim non-elastic IP addresses allocated to your account to…

Get started with WASM today

Photo by Lucas van Oort on Unsplash.

Go has built-in support that makes WASM (WebAssembly) simple and possible. Let’s attempt to use WASM for the first time. A few packages are needed before running this on your system.

Begin by creating a .dockerfile and installing Docker on your host machine:

Here, we have an Alpine-based Go .dockerfile

This is a minimum-sized Docker image with Go already installed.

We will create a working directory called /app and then install git by using the command apk add with the argument --no-cache.

This will prepare our Alpine instance to allow for Git modules to be pulled in later in…

5 easy ways to restart your Docker containers

The number five
The number five
Photo by Ralph Hutter on Unsplash.

Let's run Docker containers like a pro.

First up, learn how to keep Docker containers running by utilizing these five Docker restart container tips.

Getting started with running Docker containers as single processes requires a few commands.

1. How to List Each Running Docker Container

docker ps

2. How to List (All) Running Docker Containers

docker ps -a

3. How to Run Each Docker Container as a Background Process Using Docker Detached Mode

docker run -d 

4. How to Run Each Docker Container With Output Allocated to Your Terminal?

docker run -d -p 80:80 --name <IMAGE_NAME> -t <IMAGE_NAME>

5. How to Restart a Docker Container After Exited?

docker update --restart unless-stopped <CONTAINER_ID>

This tip is a major deal. Your container will now start automatically if your instance/server goes down!

docker update --restart unless-stopped $(docker ps -q)

Let’s make sure all our containers listed get the same treatment. See the example above. …

A Journey Across Virtual Private Servers Into Error-Freedom

Have you experienced a client meltdown before, if not let me tell you how it usually occurs for a developer. The client from hell, calls you up or sends a not so friendly message resulting in the next few hours of your day is focused only on them. Or at least that is how this problem went down.

It was October 4th, 2020 11:54 AM, a text message came to my phone. It was from a client I had previously worked with only four months ago, before the global pandemic.

The Text…

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