How bad was your interview?

Steven Rescigno
4 min readMar 29

Let’s dive into career development for a minute.

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With the growing demand in using AI (ChatGPT) to source the web for information that has be repeatedly asked for and then trained upon itself.

ChatGPT is just the Recursion formula at scale!

You may be trying to acquire a simple job but now is the most difficult time than it has ever been before. Layoffs. Layoffs. Layoffs. Fire them all.

I have done the work. For multiple months, I’ve fielded the companies and interviewed. Here is what I found.

I’ve even spoken with recruiters along the way. They have a monopoly on jobs if you haven’t yet noticed.

By the way, I hope a two-way street is refundable.

Companies have changed their hiring like never before and they demand you to be your best-self. Makes sense, they are paying you.

However, they forget to mention its for them only, no one else, forever.

That is right! You are married to your employer like super glue stuck to you own skin.

Each minute goes by the landscape to find a job, a simple one, is more liquid than it has ever been before, making them seem untenable to say the very least.

So Listen carefully.

I’ve applied to well over a 100 roles, each with pools of candidates of over 700 or more people trying to win a single open role.

Now this is no lottery, but this is just to acquire a job to live well.

There are not enough jobs to fill the candidates.

Whether you are a good candidate or bad one in the eyes of a company this is a different story.

Don’t get this mixed up, we hope jobs become available to any individual needing one and for all levels but of course companies will not see it this way, clearly, because it is business! There has to be a loser.

You are running up a hill by not using AI to do work for you.

Find the company that cares to do the picking up and not the dropping. Companies will drop you or pick you up in a heart beat.

Companies will make requirements extra hard for you, if they want to or will make it

Steven Rescigno

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