How To Be A Good Influencer Online in 2023?

Steven Rescigno
2 min readApr 7

Writing online for many good reasons and not to be famous.

We’ve never met but I am a basic creator, an author at heart and software engineer.

I didn’t start writing to become some kind of influencer but instead simply to express my thoughts.

I enjoy teaching others new ways to see the world from my own experience and hope to showcase things I am passionate about in a positive light.

Maybe you are interested in learning new things like programming, writing or even art. Well, you have found this article for a reason and those are topics I often write about.

I hope, I can provide some insights, useful information and make your day a little more delightful from my own experiences.

Many say, writing online is a waste of time. However I think it’s a great way to share information.

Here are a list of articles I’ve written.

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Happy Coding!! Hope you find this insightful and delightful!

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Steven Rescigno

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