My Reaction To My Past — When Something Unexpectedly Happens.

Steven Rescigno
3 min readJun 22, 2024
Photography By rawkkim

On one-hand, I enjoy having a voice on the big & bad internet.

You get the privilege to communicate your thoughts with all of the hopes of reaching people you have never met before.

On the other hand, writing brings its own pressures.

Like you may never get the chance to express your written thoughts to the people you know in-person because those in-person relationships don’t prefer to read your writings when you could simply speak them out loud.

I honesty can not explain to you why I made past choices which directly altered my path to my future-self but those choices where choices I did make!

I’ve only met one Δ in my entire life who aligned the gears in my heart to envision an unimaginable dream worth more than value.

Divergence happens without notice, and sometimes you are left wondering what were you chasing after, the entire time in the first place or was it all just some kind of self-delusional journey you were going on.

Of course, you should be allowed to follow dreams if you have them and freely take up challenges along the way.

I’ll keep this short.

When you give your-self enough time to process the hurt or the anger in which you