Why Pair Programming can be a Nightmare, especially while coding with Typescript?

Steven Rescigno
4 min readMar 20, 2023

General thoughts on pair-programming with friendly engineers.

Maybe you have decided to join a team of engineers.

Your Team leader has decided to recommend you try some “Pair Programming” with a peer.

An excellent chance to get comfortable on your new team, contribute to their progress and share knowledge.

However, many don’t understand the dark-side to “Pair programming” and why it can be a nightmare. Well, its not actually dark or bad… it can be rewarding when done right.

First off, I’ve always enjoyed pair programming because it had given me the chance to learn and grow as an engineer, which I had welcomed!

I can easily count on the fingers of my hand the times, I’ve coded with smart people.

Its enjoyable, when you are compatible with your peer and the task at hand is of interest.

The number one reason, why “Pair Programming” can actually be a disaster for your colleagues and yourself is due the possibility of being mis-matched with another engineer.

Always remember, it’s perfectly normal and don’t forget to keep an open mind when in these scenarios.